Schools K-12


Our school workshops are based on our motto “Learn, Share, Enjoy” and are guaranteed to engage, educate and inspire students of all ages.

African drumming workshops Perth school workshops harmony day
Odai leading an African drumming workshop and performance at a primary school.

We provide workshops individually tailored to meet the specific needs of your school / class level (Kindergarten through to High School, including special needs classes). We also provide school holiday programs, artist in residence for both drumming and dance tuition and full term programs that conclude with a grand finale concert where students get to showcase what they have learnt over the term. This is always an exciting occasion for students, teachers and parents as it gives the whole school something wonderful to remember and promotes cultural awareness and celebrates diversity. We can also do performances for schools and often schools will combine a workshop with a concert making for a great day!

African drumming workshops Perth school workshops harmony day
Our school workshops are so much fun! Combine a workshop with a performance for an amazing Harmony day celebration.

Our structured workshops provide students with a fantastic opportunity to be part of an African musical experience where they can try out many different instruments and learn some groovy African dance moves. Students will be patiently guided by their teacher Odai who will make them feel comfortable and confident in their music making. Drumming has an instant gratification factor, as it cannot sound bad even when not being played “technically correct”. When students start to hear the music that they are making with their classmates it unifies them, brings them a sense of joy and they truly do get a buzz!

African Oz Drum ‘n’ Dance were incredible! We had over 150 students participating in their ‘drumming workshop’. Each student was engaged and having so much fun! The whole auditorium was alive. Odai our colourful ecstatic instructor was very entertaining, a true born performer. He was encouraging and really made such an effort to include everyone. From contacting African Oz Drum by email, to the workshop they were; professional, prompt, clear, supportive and catered to our very specific needs. We truly would recommend African Oz Drum ‘n’ Dance for any event. 

Daisy Morris, Drama and Media Assistant, Lake Joondalup Baptist College